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Written by an 8th grader


Written by an 8th grader

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So this happened and I was laughing and terrified at the same time—-


So this happened and I was laughing and terrified at the same time—-

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#Seriously all these WIPs of yours inspire me so much T v T
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Today I went shopping with a friend (LOOK AT THAT PURPLE… What could she possibly be making??????) and bought myself new fabric for Fours vest and jacket!! I decided I didn’t like the colors I had chosen already, so I…. Bought new ones……….

Buttons still need to be added and I think I want to slim it down (it’s kinda loose right now) and also fix the top part!!

I also went and did the top of her dress, with that stupid cross. I’m sharing that photo of the inside because the fabric was such a pain to get into a shape event remotely similar to what I needed. I don’t think it looks great, but it’ll work…

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Artist: Yoko Shimomura
Track: "Dearly Beloved"


Dearly Beloved | memória! The Very Best of Yoko Shimomura

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#look at these lovely people who cosplayed with me
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Our awesome Kyoukai no Kanata idol group from Anicomics 2014

Hiromi Nase by me: Manon Cosplay

Mitsuki Nase by: Kairi-H

Kuriyama Mirai by: Eeriah

Photography by: Wanda-Chi

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[Final Fantasy Meme] One artist:
↳ Yoshitaka Amano
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Pandora Hearts: Volume 22 Covers

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friend: shut up about ur fuckin video game
me: no